Proxy Websites – What They Can Do For You

A proxy is someone, or something, that acts for or as an intermediary on behalf of another. A proxy website in the IT world is a site that acts on behalf of users seeking access to other websites. Proxy sites allow users to access websites even if their parent network blocks them. Proxy sites enable you to bypass your ISP by simply typing the URL of the desired site in your browser. This will take you to the proxy site from where your request will be routed to the original site. Your IP address is not being recorded, so there is no record of you visiting the site. Proxies allow you to access popular social networking sites such as MySpace. These sites are frequently blocked by government and business computer networks. Many people agree that Web-Based Proxy are the best and easiest to use.


Some government agencies have gone further and block proxy sites or use content filters to filter any site with ‘proxy site’ in its name. Tunneling proxy servers are used by proxy sites to bypass content filters and tunnel to blocked pages. Proxy websites can be used to filter content. This allows institutions to control the content that can be transmitted through the proxy. It is also used by institutional networks to enforce acceptable internet use policy. For example, content filtering in libraries and schools is used to prevent access to pornographic websites. Proxy servers are used to allow people to browse websites without leaving any trace. This is true to a certain extent, but the proxy server will keep a record about your request and the site it directed. So there is not 100% anonymity.

The different proxy for each tab acts as a middleman between you the client and the internet the site you are trying to view. The proxy server will receive your request, then it sends it to the internet. Finally, the proxy server will return the request to you. There are many ways to use this process. These are the 5 types of proxy websites and their functions. Proxy websites can be useful for private purposes such as bill payment. Proxy sites store any cookies generated by your web session and then erase them when you log out. This provides an additional level of protection against identity theft and the possibility that personal data may be left on public computers. Experts recommend that you use different proxy websites for every session to improve your privacy and security. Proxy offers a regularly updated list of all the latest proxy sites that will keep you surfing privately for a long time to come.